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Music Is My Medicine - Blue T Shirt

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A few years back we met a fan of the band and her name was Sam.
She was incredibly supportive to us and followed us up and down the country. During the writing of our concept debut album, Sam wrote to me asking if she could send in another story as life had taken a dramatic turn for her. Sam had been diagnosed with breast cancer. From there on we exchanged many emails whilst writing her song "Pink Ribbon". We became very close friends and spoke to each other often, we would share music suggestions and help each other through tough times and share some happy moments like the first time she was given the all clear.

Sam wrote to me December time roughly 2/3 years ago letting me know that the cancer had spread and come back with vengeance. It broke my heart as she had become someone so close to me but I knew she would carry on fighting back and do everything she could do to live. Over the next couple of years she was determined and with the support of her amazing family and friends she still attended our shows. One of my proudest moments will always be knowing that Sam had seen us play to a sold out venue in Wolverhampton on the Deaf Havana tour. She was dealing with so much pain yet she was there for us at the back like a proud sister. For anyone who was lucky enough to meet Sam you would know that she lived by her saying "Music Is My Medicine" it was her little thing.

A year or two ago I'd mentioned the idea to her that I wanted to start a charity called music is my medicine and it would act as a little way of helping other charities. I wanted people to use Music Is My Medicine as a way for people to suggest music that may help other people going through a certain time in their life.

Sam told me the best part of being involved in the whole concept album was that she had found herself listening to the lyrics of songs that little bit extra.

Music truly is my medicine and there were many songs that we talked about that will always give me a happy memory of that time that music lead me to meeting that amazing woman that was Sam

We plan on selling these t-shirts as a start. The first chosen charity is Cancer Research UK and all profits will be going their way.

Depending on the success we plan on releasing more to help other charities as well.

If a song has helped you through a hard time in your life and you believe it could help others then simply use #musicismymedicine